Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Are you Premium?

We here at BOOM are big fans of what Letsmix is doing for the DJ community.  Recently they launched Letsmix premium pay service for exclusive offers, increased promotion possibilities, and user customization. 

Letsmix's basic service is pretty amazing as is.  For free you (the DJ), get a profile to host your latest mixes (no royalty fees required) to the masses, allow people to browse your mixes, share them via social media, and embed an interactive, play count and stats trackable, everywhere you and your promoters/fans want to.

In the single launch of Letsmix DJ's received a major connection with their community, an all access pass so to speak, an huge extended helping hand to getting your self heard, promoted, and loved.  Oh, and did we mention access to some amazing contests?


So when Letsmix announced a premium edition, we asked, could there be anymore?

Check out the features with us:

(In order, starting with cool ending with supercool)


Unlimited Storage

From this point on you get to create a bank of content for your fans.  The more high quality content you produce, the more the content will be shared, the more people your mixes reach exponentially.  

This is great for podcast/radio show DJ's.  Letsmix is like the Facebook of DJ work.  As you release episodes they will be stored on your Letsmix Profiles so new and old subscribers can fall in love with your archive.  Then, use the embed-able players to host your show out amongst the blogosphere.

Club DJ's trying to build a fan base, my suggestion is don't go crazy with this new feature.  Put your music online, let your fans hear it, but a club mix is a whole other experience, too many online experiences detract from the real product you are trying to push.  Keep your product (that you and the magic you do in a club) as something to be longed for.  But, in 2010, don't be shy, let your fans hear you  and spread your work.  None the less, non members will only be allowed 10 mixes and if you've been DJing for 5 plus years, more than 10 would be nice.

Better Audio Quality

Premium adds high quality encoding at 192 kbps so that your sets sound as good as your skills in making them.  And what DJ crave High Fidelity?  Enough said.

With premium you practically will know what your listeners are eating for breakfast.  Premium's increased statistics show you the "who, what, when, and where" of how your brand and fan base is advancing.  

You can check out the whole details here but there are two features that stand out for us.

One small thing with premium stats you get is a calendar overview of when you mixes are being played the most.  This is fantastic.  With this you can get a clear sense of your fan bases moods and interests, for that matter, use it to plan out (and convince a club to host) your own club nights, and schedule your events, announcements, releases around fan trends.

But what we really are thankful to see is the added map showing the highest playing areas around the world of your mixes.  Again, compiling this information will only strengthen how you can promote yourself and events for maximum reaction.  Want to go on tour?  Call up clubs in your hottest areas around the world and show them you have the numbers.

At its core, Letsmix is completely a promotional tool.  Letsmix Premium is about moving from promoting mixes, to promoting your brand (thats you).

With Premium you can create custom widgets to make your players more applicable to different embedding needs to help more mixes stand out and fit in more spaces around the web.  

Add a custom banner, custom profile colors, a define your space and brand.  But most important, your custom page is advertisement free so visitors focus on your brand and your brand alone.

iPhone Edition
We love the idea of taking the whole letsmix streaming library of DJ sets with us on the go where ever we are.  But their new app available to premium users only allows you to create custom lists of your mixes to promote to your friends, fans, and promoters with app vouchers, opening up your brands reach to a completely new platform as well.



We absolutely love the DJ competitions.  Firstly its a reason to promote and advertise your mixes, to get friends and fans to your page to listen and support you and possibly mention it to their friends as well, but the prizes have been absolutely fantastic from guest DJ spots in ibiza to a brand new Pioneer CDJ-2000!

As a premiere member you get a special limited chance at select competitions, the first of which was a feature spread in DJMag, talk about promotion!

Featured Promotion

Think of a premium account as a super cheap international promoter.  As we mentioned earlier in the post, letsmix basic is about your promoting your mixes, letsmix premium is about promoting your brand.  Will this featured promotion alone make you the next Top 100 DJ, we highly doubt it, think of it as an inexpensive push, fuel to the ground work you are all ready spending 110% at, but a push up with some super cool features.

But don't take our word for it, here is a direct quote from their site:

"As a premium member Let’s Mix will work to position you and your mixes in the spotlight. We will not only continuously create premium real-estate within Let’s Mix, on our Facebook, through our Twitter and emails, but also work with our industry partners to push our beloved Premium members throughout the industry." -letsmix.com

You can see and hear us on Letsmix at www.letsmix.com/HybridHuman.  

Tell us what you think about the new Letsmix Premium in the comments!


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